APA/Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers
Sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation, American Psychological Association, and Clark University
Clark University, Worcester, MA, June 28 - 30, 2017.
If you applied before April 6, the data has been lost due to a computer error. Please re-submit your information for consideration by April 22.
Please review all parts of this application before starting your submission. This application requires a statement of interest of up to 500 words and we recommend this statement be written (or at least considered) prior to starting this application.
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*How many years have you been teaching? *How many years have you taught psychology?(You must have at least one year of experience teaching high school psychology to be considered for this workshop.)
*What classes do you teach? Please specify if you teach AP, IB, and/or Regular psychology.
*Have you attended teaching workshops or conferences for psychology teachers?
If so, how many and when?
*Total student population of your high school (Please use your best approximation):
*Overall, approximately what percent of the total student population at your high school is a member of a minority (non-Caucasian/White) group? We recognize that there will be high schools in which the minority population is the larger and thus a majority.     % members of a minority group
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*Please submit a statement of 500 words or less addressing the following 3 points:
  • Explain your interest in this workshop.
  • What would you like to gain from attending this workshop?
  • How do you plan to use the information gained from this workshop?
*Please indicate here if you have attended a previous APA/Clark University Workshop. (Preference is given to first-time attendees)
*Please indicate here if you have applied to attend APA/Clark University Workshop before.
Please indicate if you have any special needs, including dietary restrictions.

There is no registration fee for this workshop. Participants will be provided with housing in the Clark campus dorms and with workshop materials. Participants will also receive travel stipends of up to $150. For teachers with farther distances to travel, and/or with a need for additional travel support, a limited number of travel scholarships of $250 will be available as funding is available. The maximum amount of financial support any one participant will receive is $250. To be considered for a travel scholarship, please indicate below (in 300 words or less) your need for additional support along with an estimated budget of your travel expenses. The budget should include estimated ticket costs for those flying and/or a mileage estimate for travel by car (APA mileage reimbursement is $.535/mi).


Please submit online by April 22, 2017.
Questions? Contact Yvonne Hill by email (yhill@apa.org) or call 202-336-6076.