As a member of a group funded to travel for the Association, you are encouraged to make your travel arrangements through the APA Travel Office, and have the cost of the ticket billed directly to the Association. You are also free to use the APA Travel office if you are covering your own travel costs and will need to provide your credit card information.

FIll out this form to email the information to the Travel Office. Please provide the following information:

Name, exactly as it appears on the government-issued ID you plan to use (driver's license or passport)

Date of birth (mm/dd/yy)


Cell phone

Home phone

Office phone



Travel from (location)

Date of departure

Preferred departure time (Hour and AM/PM)

Date of return

Preferred return time (Hour and AM/PM)

Preferred airline

Seat preference

Frequent flyer numbers

Name of committee/task force

Special requests or instructions